Faber Alt. Sign JJ Draper

Faber Alt. are thrilled to have signed a sync deal with London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, JJ Draper.

Prominently influenced by Radiohead, Beach House, Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley, JJ is an innovator of new sound. An intoxicating blend of lush vocals and dreamscape imagery, his music is a uniquely intimate and powerful experience.

A burgeoning young talent possessed with a sorrowful voice that belies his years, Draper released his debut solo single 'Zero-Sum' in 2017. He describes it as “a song about emotional dislocation, regret and apology. I think the track reflects my inability at the time to comprehend the confusing emotions of a relationship ending. It’s taken me a long time to piece together and adopt the lessons that needed learning, to process the guilt and fractured memories in the songs into something coherent”.


Catherine Grieves