Pablo Nouvelle Shares First Single From Forthcoming ‘Wood and Concrete’ EP

“‘Curiosity’ marks the starting point of this new journey. A song sounding like a score to a film that has yet to be made, ‘Curiosity’ is the main piece of the forthcoming seven-track-strong EP: a soundtrack to a drive through endless wilderness.”

Pablo Nouvelle

After garnering international acclaim through albums such as ‘All I Need’, ‘Wired’ and recent offering ‘Piano Pieces’, the brilliantly colored sounds of Pablo Nouvelle are back for another electronica-tinged run. Today, the multi-faceted DJ, producer and filmmaker shared a new single called ‘Curiosity’ through its release on Armada Electronic Elements. It is the first track of his forthcoming ‘Wood & Concrete EP’, which is set for release on December 9 following several single releases. It is also the first of two EPs to come, as another EP will follow next year.

Drawing listeners in with its calm approach and cinematic soundscape before letting the experimental beats out of their cage, Pablo Nouvelle’s new instrumental appeals to every music lover’s fondness of discovery. Making fans leave their comfort zone in favor of something out of the box and standout, ‘Curiosity’ is the precursor of inventiveness and innovation, as displayed in this exemplary single.

Pablo-Nouvelle Curiosity.jpg

Catherine Grieves