Penelope Isles Release Debut Album 'Until the Tide Creeps In'

Penelope Isles have released their debut album ‘Until the Tide Creeps In’ via Bella Union.

Between its shining noise waves and lustrous melodies, the album is a transporting display of an expansive DIY vision. An exciting new record that is undoubtedly fresh, inviting and immersive, its elemental metaphors provide a fertile backdrop for the band’s innate chemistry and acute grasp of contrast.

Crisp and woozy, blissful and biting, Until the Tide Creeps In is an album deepened by shared experience: experiences of, in Jack’s words, “leaving home, moving away, dealing with transitions in life and growing up. We are six years apart, so we had a different experience of some of this, but we share a similar inspiration when writing music.”

Penelope Isles_Until The Tide Creeps In.jpg

An impressive debut… The band’s primary line is in stately, swirling slow–burners like ‘Cut Your Hair’ and ‘Three’, while a handful of intense lo–fi pop nuggets such as ‘Gnarbone’ and ‘Round’ keeps things moving.
A lush and dreamy debut… Each visit uncovers something new.
— DORK Magazine
Timeless and special… Unashamedly bight melodies that throw you into the sunlight and make the darker moments even more striking
Whatever the framing, each track on their debut is about the song; it’s melody. Recent single Chlorine steps into early Tame Impala terrain, but it’s the moody, woozy tune which hits home. The siblings take turns singing lead, each as assured as the other.”

Catherine Grieves