dné releases 4-track EP 'Talking With Crayons'

Talking With Crayons art 1500.jpg

dné (real name Ondrej Holy) has re-released his four-track EP Talking With Crayons. Originally released in 2009 as a free download from his MySpace page, Taking With Crayons has been re-mixed and is now available across streaming services.

The sounds are based on an acoustic guitar, field recordings and off-kilter beats and speak a simple yet confident language. This short collection of songs features dné’s first compositions, recorded simply on a basic USB microphone. dné’s music speaks with an innate musicality. His style draws on beautiful orchestrations, sample-heavy techniques (including field recordings), organic beats and DIY-type recording and arrangement, giving his music a unique sound with an overarching cinematic feel. Whilst aiming to create something timeless, his debut album These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere, became a 5 year long process of devotion, commitment and realisation. Released in 2016 via Majestic Casual Records, the record communicates an underlying commentary on today’s world of Internet driven hyper-realities, superficial connections and the increasing elusiveness of romance and relationships. Reflected in the song titles are themes of late-night chats, online dating, and fleeting moments of intimacy instead of finding deep and meaningful relationships. It has gathered press from Noisey, C-heads, NOWNESS and Wonderland and received two national awards for Album of the Year (Vinyla, Apollo) and Best Electronic Album (Andel).

Catherine Grieves