'These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere' Outstanding Album of the Week

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Dne's debut album 'These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere' has been selected as outstanding album of the week by indie music blog, 'Off Your Radar'. The album has received 12 rave reviews from a variety of music bloggers and enthusiasts. You can read the full post here.

Whilst aiming to create something timeless, his debut album These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere, became a 5 year long process of devotion, commitment and realisation. Released in 2016 via Majestic Casual Records, the record communicates an underlying commentary on today’s world of Internet driven hyper-realities, superficial connections and the increasing elusiveness of romance and relationships. Reflected in the song titles are themes of late-night chats, online dating, and fleeting moments of intimacy instead of finding deep and meaningful relationships.


'The unfailing beauty of the album comes in those moments of vulnerability and restraint and the constant awareness of public consumption'

'I hear this as an unexpected but nonetheless perfect assembly of sound design-minded music'

'Expansive, deep beyond comprehension at times, and full of piquant melodies as dainty as they are pensive, this music is quite frankly stunning in its presentation and delivery'

'Not only do I hope you enjoy listening to this album for the first time, but I hope a new track has been added to the soundtrack of your lives as well'

Catherine Grieves