Faber Alt. Sign Stick in the Wheel

“Britain's most exciting new folk band”

- UNCUT Magazine -

“This is likely to be one of the folk albums of the year, and Stick’s rising reputation is very well served by Follow Them True”

- The Arts Desk -

“Follow Them True marches forward. The musicianship is razor-sharp, direct and fantastic…the future starts here”

- The Guardian -

Faber Alt. have signed the exciting East London folk band Stick in the Wheel. The band well and truly live up their name, consistently ‘jabbing’ the spokes of the English folk scene in an attempt to reinvent the wheel, and we are thrilled to add them to our roster.

Headed by singer Nicola Kearey and guitarist/producer Ian Carter, their powerful and original debut album From Here (2015) demonstrated a fresh take on English Folk Music, containing both original and re-worked traditional songs. Their second album, Follow Them True (2018) examined rituals and cycles, the past repeating itself, ghosts and thieves, land and place. It continues to question the notion of what folk music is, and what it means to be making folk music right now. It expands the radically raw sound of their debut to include electronic and found sounds, using a broader sonic palette to create greater depth, yet at the same time remaining totally connected with the tradition.

Ahead of their forthcoming autumn tour, Stick in the Wheel have released a new track ‘Cruel Ship’s Captain’, a broadside ballad collected from Norfolk in the form of a gallows confessional. The song is from the upcoming mixtape release This and the Memory of This, featuring collaborations with Lisa Knapp, Om Unit and Anna Roberts-Gevalt, to be released on 9th November 2018.

Listen to ‘Cruel Ship’s Captain’ here.


Catherine Grieves