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Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson was born in the dying days of the 1980s. At school, he was that weird kid drawing strange pictures in a notebook in the corner of the playground, and listening to hardcore bands on the bus. His heroes then were artists and illustrators like Edward Gorey; his heroes now are songwriters like Randy Newman and Loudon Wainwright. All three reveal the kind of artist Keaton strives to be: someone who understands the power of honesty, even when it is heartless, and how only that can make one's art truly heartfelt.

In the summer of 2014, Keaton released his third album, Romantic Works. This entirely instrumental album was inspired by the simplicity of Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and Henryk Gorecki as well as the melodic instrumentation of Edward Elgar and is a collection of stories that Keaton could not translate into words. Dubbed bedroom classical, the album was recorded in his small London bedroom with close friend and Guildhall virtuoso cellist, Ren Ford. Keaton assembled layers to the pieces using found objects and charity shop instruments, creating a bold indie-classical crossover.

Spring 2018 sees the release of The Tallowmere Annual, a brand-new book and soundtrack concept from Keaton. This title is a collection of prose, sounds and ink paintings. A mixed-media ode to loss and remembrance, it tells the fragmented, half remembered story of a town that never existed, and either way seems empty, leaving only outlines of living things, words once spoken, and sounds of distant mourning. 


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