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dné is Ondrej Holy from Prague, the Czech Replublic. dné’s music speaks with an innate musicality. His style draws on beautiful orchestrations, sample-heavy techniques (including field recordings), organic beats and DIY-type recording and arrangement, giving his music a unique sound with an overarching cinematic feel.

Whilst aiming to create something timeless, his debut album These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere, became a 5 year long process of devotion, commitment and realisation. Released in 2016 via Majestic Casual Records, the record communicates an underlying commentary on today’s world of Internet driven hyper-realities, superficial connections and the increasing elusiveness of romance and relationships. Reflected in the song titles are themes of late-night chats, online dating, and fleeting moments of intimacy instead of finding deep and meaningful relationships. It has gathered press from Noisey, C-heads, NOWNESS and Wonderland. He has won two national awards for Album of the Year (Vinyla, Apollo) and one for Best Electronic Album (Andel).

'The beautiful sounds on this album ring out with unprecedented clarity, as if they were recorded between two mountains or in an abandoned church'
Sputnik Season, November 2016

'dné prefers trapping sounds from real life audio - which can be as simple as moving boxes or recycling glass and plastic - and mixing them into his tracks. The result is a raw, unique sound that stands out from other musicians'
Wonderland Magazine, September 2016


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